PEPOK (pronounced "pee-pawk") - yes, we said that. It stands for Positive Engagement and Economic Power of Kindness. At the PEPOK Institute we firmly believe that positive, kindness-driven engagement always leads to positive economic outcomes over time. 

That is why we are happy to passionately promote the Culturewise® turnkey cultural operating system.

Many organizations have established a great culture but lack a method for codifying it and ingraining it for the long haul so it will last for decades beyond when the current owners leave. Others are struggling with challenges of high turnover, lack of engagement, toxicity, low morale, low creativity and innovation, and low productivity. 

If either of those scenarios describes your organization - schedule a call or reach out via our contact page. We can help.


Randy McNeely
Chief Kindness Engineer
CultureWise™ Affiliate

introducing - The Culturwise revolutionary WORLD CLASS CULTURE CREATION SYSTEMS.

CultureWise™ - The worlds's first, end-to-end operating system for culture.

Do you feel like you have a great culture, but are looking for a systematic way to build it, operationalize it, and maintain it?

The CultureWise™ system can guide you through a systematic process to:

1. Define the behaviors (we call them “Fundamentals™”) that drive success in your organization.

2. Create a structured, systematic way (through what we call “rituals”) to teach and practice those behaviors over and over again so that they become ingrained in your people.

Need more details? Contact us. We are here to assist!