PEPOK - What is that?


It stands for two things.


First, it stands for "positive engagement power of kindness."


To succeed, both personally and professionally, we need to build powerful personal and professional cultures which enable us to build powerful, trustworthy relationships with ourselves and others. 


They keystone of trustworthy relationships is connection to the heart. And what is the key ingredient for connection to the heart? KINDNESS and all of the attendant behaviors which are encompassed in the circle of kindness.


Second, it stands for the "positive economic power of kindness." When we build positive personal and professional cultures, that sets off a powerful cycle. We unleash personal and professional creativity and innovation. Loyalty increases. The desire to lift, build and serve others goes up. When we do that, and others know us, like us and trust us, the natural result is increased opportunities, both personally and professionally. Increased opportunities lead to greater personal and professional economic prosperity. 

That then is the "why" behind the PEPOK INSTITUTE, to teach individuals and organizations how to establish personal and professional cultures based on the positive engagement power of kindness so that the positive economic power of kindness will flow continuously.


Randy McNeely

Chief Kindness Officer

Licensed Culturewise consultant

For over twenty years, Randy McNeely worked in the information technology, information security, and cybersecurity arena, working across multiple verticals including Healthcare, Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Consulting Services.

In 2019 after several years as a HIPAA Security, Privacy and Risk consultant to the healthcare industry, Randy founded his own organization CyberSecurity Enterprises to provide those same services.

Following the mass shootings in California and Texas in July 2019, Randy authored the book, The Kindness Givers’ Formula: Four Simple Steps for Restoring Light, Hope, Love, Unity, and Peace to Our Troubled World. He then pivoted away from Cybersecurity/Information Security to focus full time on kindness advocacy for individuals and within organizations.

In November, 2020 co-founded Kindness Hunters International to produce a kindness driven Reality TV Show, The Kindness Hunters. With the onset of Covid 19, Kindness Hunters was shelved for the foreseeable future and Randy pivoted again.  


Randy loves people and has always been a passionate advocate of kindness and the effects of kindness on individuals both personally and professionally. He firmly believes in both the positive engagement and economic power of kindness and the amazing ability kindness has to strengthen personal and professional relationships which are the key to success in business and in life.


To that end he recently founded the PEPOK Institute specifically to provide cultural transformation solutions for individuals and organizations. 

Randy is married to the amazing Kimberly McNeely. They are blessed to be the parents of five children—four daughters and one son.

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